Aristo represents a new start toward intelligent, reasoning systems.

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Answer Questions with a Knowledgeable Machine

Aristo is a system that acquires and stores a vast amount of knowledge in computable form, then applies this knowledge to answer a variety of science questions from standardized exams for students in multiple grade levels.

Key project elements:
  • Natural language parsing and processing of a variety of knowledge sources into a structured, computable knowledge base
  • Question understanding; transforming questions, diagrams, and answer options from exams into computable input
  • Integration with diagram processing systems to go beyond text to successfully understand exam questions
  • An array of solvers using various statistical and inference techniques to either select or generate the correct answer

How Aristo Works

Knowledge Extraction

Facts are extracted from various sources and processed into a structured knowledge base

Question Understanding

Questions are parsed and processed along with their accompanying diagrams to best determine a strategy for answering

Providing Answers

Aristo's solvers use entailment, statistical analysis, and inference methods to produce the right answer

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

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