AI2 Science Questions (Licensed v1)

The AI2 Science Questions (Licensed v1) dataset consists of questions used in student assessments across elementary and middle school grade levels, provided under license by an AI2 research partner. Each question is 4-way multiple choice format and may or may not include a diagram element. With 5,141 total questions with no diagrams and 1,811 total questions with diagrams, this set can be used on its own or combined with the other science question sets AI2 offers.

Sample Questions

The questions provided in this set follow the format shown here. (Please note that as the dataset is provided under license, the examples shown are not present in the actual dataset.) Questions with diagrams contain placeholder filenames contained in curly brackets, and the associated files are included in the download.

  • Question without a diagram:

    Frogs lay eggs that develop into tadpoles and then into adult frogs. This sequence of changes is an example of how living things

    1. (A) go through a life cycle
    2. (B) form a food web
    3. (C) act as a source of food
    4. (D) affect other parts of the ecosystem
  • Question involving a diagram:

    Some plants live in very dry conditions, such as a desert.
    The plant best adapted to survive in a desert climate is

    1. (A) Plant 2, because the spines attract insects
    2. (B) Plant 1, because the leaves provide shade for the roots
    3. (C) Plant 1, because the leaves are far away from the hot soil
    4. (D) Plant 2, because the spines allow less water to evaporate

    Diagram referenced in the question: A wind front

Requesting the Dataset

This dataset was provided to AI2 for non-commercial research purposes only, and as such, access to this dataset requires acceptance of our End User License Agreement.

Release Notes

This set (v1) was first released in November of 2016. If you’d like to be notified of future releases of data sets from AI2, please subscribe:


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