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The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) is looking for a DevOps Lead with a passion for hard problems to join our team of world-class researchers and engineers.  Together we will grow the company into a long-term player with significant impact in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In 2014 Paul Allen launched AI2 under the leadership of Oren Etzioni, a Seattle area entrepreneur and long-time University of Washington professor.  AI2 is modeled after the successful Allen Institute of Brain Science and has a start-up atmosphere to encourage innovation from below.  We are presently developing a natural-language question-answering system, building an open-source AI framework, and growing a next generation paper search engine (  At AI2 you will work with world class researchers and software engineers to define the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence.

The Technical Operations team supports all project teams at AI2 and is essential to making sure our products and organization run smoothly. As a leader of this team you will be making individual contributions as well as focusing on establishing TechOps best practices and leading strategic thinking on how to support and scale AI2.


Essential Duties:

  • Establish and reinforce TechOps best practices
  • Define and communicate Quarterly planning with all teams
  • Identify and execute ways to improve productivity for TechOps and the teams they support
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration across the org
  • Anticipate and provide for our researchers and software engineering needs
  • Identify and help prioritize opportunities for automation in our work flows
  • Participate in after hours on-call rotation supporting our external services
  • Own, manage and expand upon monitoring solutions
  • Implement automated deployment systems

An ideal candidate would have experience with the following technologies:

  • Linux
  • JVM-based technologies in a production environment (We use Scala)
  • Enterprise-class monitoring, alerting, log aggregation and trend analysis
  • Multiple cloud providers (we primarily use AWS)
  • Containers (Docker)
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment processes and methodologies
  • Layer 2/3 network design and implementation
  • Dependency management software (particularly for JVM dependencies)
  • Deployment technologies

In addition, we are looking for people who:

  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Own and drive projects from inception to completion
  • Have the motivation to be a self-starter
  • Work effectively in a small organization without a clear spec
  • Are open to different approaches to software development

About AI2

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is a non-profit research institute in Seattle founded by Paul Allen and headed by Professor Oren Etzioni. The core mission of AI2 is to contribute to humanity through high-impact research in artificial intelligence.

Why AI2

In addition to AI2’s core mission, we also aim to contribute to humanity through how we treat each member of the AI2 Team! Some highlights are:

  • We are a learning organization– because everything AI2 does is ground-breaking, we are learning every day. Similarly, through weekly AI2 Academy lectures, a wide variety of world-class AI experts as guest speakers, and our commitment to your personal on-going education, AI2 is place where you will have opportunities to continue learning right alongside us;
  • We value diversity of thought– we seek Software Engineers who can bring novel experiences and modes of problem solving to our leading-edge mission. If you are creative and efficient in your approach and insightful in your questioning, AI2 could be a great environment for you;
  • We emphasize a healthy work/life balance– we believe our team members are happiest and most productive when their work/life balance is optimized. While we value powerful research results which drive our mission forward, we also value dinner with family, weekend time, and vacation time. We offer generous paid vacation and sick leave as well as family leave;
  • We are collaborative and transparent– we consider ourselves a team, all moving with a common purpose. We are quick to cheer our successes, and even quicker to share and jointly problem solve our failures;
  • We are in Seattle– and our office is on the water! We have mountains, we have lakes, we have four seasons, we bike to work, we have a vibrant theater scene, and we have so much else. We even have kayaks for you to paddle right outside our front door;
  • We welcome interest from applicants from outside of the United States;
  • We are friendly – chances are you will like every one of the 50+ (and growing!) people who work here. We do!


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