AI2 Key Scientific Challenges Program 2017

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) welcomes applications to the 2017 Key Scientific Challenges program. Up to ten $10,000 awards will be made directly to researchers, to provide unrestricted support for their work. The research should focus on key scientific challenges of interest to AI2, which also has the potential to provide significant advances to the greater artificial intelligence research community.

The core mission of AI2 is to contribute to humanity through high-impact research in artificial intelligence. Current research focuses include science question answering (Aristo), semantic literature search (Semantic Scholar), visual knowledge extraction (Plato), solving math and geometry problems (Euclid), and deep semantic NLP (AllenNLP). Applicants are encouraged to think broadly and propose a plan to address research challenges that push the boundaries of these, and any closely related, research areas.

Awards will include $10,000 of unrestricted research seed funding, paid directly to the researcher, that can be used to accelerate the proposed work. They will also provide unique access to AI2 resources, including (1) an AI2 mentor, who can provide feedback on the work as it progresses, (2) early access to new AI2 data and code, and (3) a potential internship at AI2, to further develop particularly exciting advances. In return, we ask the awardees to commit to openly sharing the results of their work with the broader research community.

Proposals should clearly specify the scientific challenges that would be addressed and the expected outcomes of the proposed work. Any researcher is eligible, and PhD students are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants are also encouraged to make use of AI2 resources, such the AllenNLP toolkit or Aristo science datasets, and to contribute back to these open-source resources where appropriate. Proposals should be at most 2 pages, with unlimited space for citations. Applicants should also submit their CV along with their proposal.

Proposals are due on Friday November 10th, 2017, and awards will be announced in early December.