Common sense is the everyday knowledge
that virtually every person has but no machine does.

Project Common Sense is a new research initiative at AI2 focused on common sense artificial intelligence (AI). Common sense represents one of the most fundamental and difficult problems for AI today – while AI has advanced dramatically in the past decade, there are still many things it cannot do, such as unstructured problem-solving or managing unanticipated situations. Project Common Sense will integrate and build upon the knowledge being developed in AI2’s other projects, including machine reading and reasoning (Aristo), natural language understanding (Euclid), and computer vision (PRIOR), to create a new unified and extensive common sense knowledge source.

Over the next few years, Project Common Sense will introduce standard measurements for the common sense abilities of an AI system, develop novel crowdsourcing methods to acquire common sense knowledge from people at an unprecedented scale, and develop applications that utilize common sense to boost performance for a broad range of practical AI challenges, from machine reading and translation to robotics and vision.

Project Common Sense aggregation and applications diagram
Project Common Sense will aggregate data from three sources: images and text (via machine learning) and crowd-sourced common sense statements. It will then build a common sense repository which can serve to improve AI applications from machine translation to medical diagnostics.

Example Common Sense Questions

These questions serve as examples of scenarios that are simple for humans to understand and to make inferences about, but are beyond the capabilities of any AI. They require general knowledge about the world and the way things operate that is beyond the grasp of current AI systems. Project Common Sense will utilize questions like these both to measure and to guide the development of common sense capabilities in AI.

If I put my socks in the drawer, will they still be there tomorrow?

What would you typically find in a trash can?

Which of the following would fit through the doorway?

Picture of an elephant and a basketball in front of an open door