Solving math and geometry problems.

About Euclid

Euclid was a research program at AI2 that explored successful question answering approaches in the constrained yet linguistically rich domain of the high school Math SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test). Euclid combined detailed language understanding with diagram processing to answer a variety of algebra and geometry questions at the high school level. In 2015, the Euclid team released an end-to-end geometry problem solver called GeoS, capable of matching the average student test score of 500 (out of 800) on the Math SAT by demonstrating an ability to successfully understand implicit relationships, ambiguous references, and the relationships between diagrams and text. Learn more about GeoS.

Euclid's unique NLP research challenge is now a SemEval 2019 task: Math Question Answering.

The Euclid team also released an open-source Javascript library for visualizing hierarchical data, specifically tailored towards rendering dependency parses. Check it out here:

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”
—  Archimedes

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