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Incubator Alumni

  • Xuchen Yao runs KITT.AI. He is an expert in language and speech technologies, with a focus on statistical question answering, parsing with semantic grammars, for both cloud-ready and embedded devices. He received his PhD from the Johns Hopkins University (USA), Masters' from University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and Saarland University (Germany), and a Bachelor's degree from Nanjing University (China). Xuchen Yao has academic and industrial experience at ICT/USC, City University of Hong Kong, ISI/USC, Vulcan, Motorola, Nokia Research, and Google Research.

  • Aria Haghighi is tinkering with new ideas for smart and beautiful AI-centered products. He is an expert in natural language processing and machine learning. Prior to AI2, he was a senior manager in Apple working on search and discovery and prior to that he was the CTO and co-founder of Prismatic, a smart social newsreader. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a BS in Math from Stanford.

  • Raphael Hoffman is the co-founder of Lattice. He's focused on making it easier to convert natural language expressed as text into a high-quality knowledge base. This will have multiple potential applications, such as automatic question-answering, social trend detection and intelligent agents that can interact naturally with humans.

  • Please note: we are not currently incubating any companies.