AI For the Common Good

Project Aristo

Project Aristo is a flagship project of AI2, a first step towards a machine that contains large amounts of knowledge in machine-computable form that can answer questions, explain those answers, and discuss those answers with users.

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Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is a new service for scientific literature search and discovery that aims to cut through the clutter and help you home in on key papers, citations, and results.

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Project Euclid is a project focused on understanding and solving mathematical word problems and diagram-based geometry problems.

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Project Plato is a ground-breaking research project on visual knowledge extraction that capitalizes on the wealth of information available in images.

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The core mission of The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering. We will do this by constructing AI systems with reasoning, learning and reading capabilities. Please see the New York Times Profile of AI2.


The values that define AI2 are:
Excellence, Teamwork, Initiative, Integrity & Impact


AI2 will include four key, interlinked elements:
  • World-class research and development;
  • Creation of data and resources for the community;
  • Activities to energize the wider community and help foster breakthroughs;
  • Support for critical but under-explored research


AI2 brings together top researchers and engineers to make an impact in the field of AI. To learn more about the individuals, visit our team page.


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We are looking for talented individuals to join our team and contribute to AI2's vision. This is an opportunity to be in on the ground floor of a new organization, conduct long-range, groundbreaking research, and work with world-class individuals to have a major impact on the field. We are particularly interested in energetic, inspired researchers with skills in one or more of the following areas: natural language processing; machine learning; question answering; automatic knowledge-base construction; machine reasoning; knowledge representation; semantics; explanation. We are also strongly interested in individuals with world-class software engineering skills looking for a new and exciting challenge.

Current Openings:

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