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In this edition: AllenAct – our new Embodied AI research library, AI2 at ECCV 2020, the conclusion of the ALFRED challenge, new AllenNLP tutorials, and more.
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AllenAct: Embodied AI for everyone

We're proud to announce our new Embodied AI research framework, AllenAct! This library offers free, open, first-class support for a growing collection of embodied environments, tutorials, tasks, and algorithms, plus reproductions of state-of-the-art models. Our goal with AllenAct is to enable reproducible, reusable, accessible research in Embodied AI.

Learn more about the motivations and challenges behind this new framework in this coverage from VentureBeat: Allen Institute open-sources AllenAct, a framework for research in embodied AI
ECCV'20 Online 23-28 August 2020
AI2 had a strong showing at this year's ECCV conference, with several spotlight papers and the conclusion of the ALFRED challenge at the Embodied Vision, Actions & Language Workshop.
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ALFRED Challenge Winners

ALFRED is a natural language benchmark for teaching an AI agent to perform interactive, visual tasks involving objects, tools, and appliances. Our challenge winners were Van-Quang Nguyen and Takayuki Okatani from Tohoku University – they achieved a 10x increase in success rate in embodied instruction-following for everyday tasks. Learn more at the ALFRED Challenge website, and watch the EVAL Workshop Invited Speaker Panel.

More AI2 papers at ECCV 2020

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Take your NLP research to the next level with our new series of AllenNLP Tutorials on the AI2 Blog! Check them out at the links below and follow the AI2 Blog to keep up with new content from the AI2 team.
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How to upload transformer weights and tokenizers from AllenNLP to HuggingFace
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How to train with multiple GPUs in AllenNLP
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Training on larger batches with less memory in AllenNLP
More from AI2
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Panda AI funded

We're excited to announce the newest AI2 Incubator spinout Panda AI, who raised a $3.3M seed round from PSL Ventures, the AI2 Seed Fund, and Ascend VC. Learn more in this coverage from GeekWire :
Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence’s new fund makes first investment, backing Panda AI

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Computer Vision Explorer

Have you checked out the AI2 Computer Vision Explorer lately? We've added new tasks like Grounded Situation Recognition, where a model classifies a situation and locates objects in that situation. Try it out and explore other interesting tasks and models.
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