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AI for the Common Good.

Our mission is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering.

Why AI2?

We're a team of engineers and researchers with diverse backgrounds collaborating to solve some of the toughest problems in AI research.

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“Please join us to tackle an extraordinary set of scientific and engineering challenges. Let’s make history together.”
—  Oren Etzioni

AI2 Projects

  • AllenNLP

    Deep Semantic NLP Platform

    The AllenNLP team is developing next generation, open domain language understanding models. We focus on both data & algorithms, and support the open source AllenNLP deep learning platform.

  • Aristo

    Answering science questions

    Aristo brings together machine reading and NLP, textual entailment and inference, reasoning with uncertainty, statistical techniques over large corpora, and diagram understanding to develop the first "knowledgeable machine" about science.

  • Mosaic

    Pursuing Common Sense for AI

    Mosaic integrates machine reading and reasoning, natural language understanding, computer vision, and crowdsourcing techniques to create a new extensive, foundational common sense knowledge source for future AI systems to build upon.


    Perceptual Reasoning and Interaction Research

    PRIOR is a computer vision research team within the Allen Institute for AI. PRIOR seeks to advance computer vision to create AI systems that see, explore, learn, and reason about the world.

  • Semantic Scholar

    Semantic Literature Search

    With over 100 million scientific research papers in print, and millions added each year, researchers are swamped. We are leveraging our capabilities in NLP, data mining, and computer vision to build a novel literature search experience that will help scientists discover and home in on research papers more efficiently than ever.

  • Incubator

    Launching AI-Powered Startups

    The incubator combines AI2's world class engineering and research organization with proven business leaders to bring innovative, AI-powered ideas to life.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of passionate engineers and researchers. Daily collaboration between both disciplines allows our carefully crafted team to build rock-solid systems based upon world-class research. We are currently growing, please browse our job openings.

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