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Internships at AI2

About the Program

PhD students in computer science are invited to apply for full-time internships year-round. Applicants should have an interest in natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge representation, semantics, question answering, textual entailment, or computer vision. All interns are paired with a mentor and participate in AI2's groundbreaking work. There are no restrictions on publications based on internships. Pay is competitive, and visa sponsorship is available.

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AI2 Outstanding Intern of the Year
Each year, AI2 awards our most exceptional interns with the AI2 Outstanding Intern award. Learn more about our awardees.

Current and Former Interns

2020 Interns

Winter 2020
  • Angele Zamarron (The Evergreen State College): Engineering
  • Jae Sung (James) Park (University of Washington): Research
  • James Ferguson (University of Washington): Research
  • Orion Weller (Brigham Young University): Research
  • Sean MacAvaney (Georgetown): Research
  • Tao Li (University of Utah): Research
  • Ximing Lu (University of Washington): Research
  • Zhaofeng Wu (University of Washington)
Spring 2020
  • Jize Cao (University of Washington): Research
Summer 2020
  • Alex Wang (New York University): Research
  • Alexander Hoyle (University of Maryland): Research
  • Alisa Liu (Northwestern University): Research
  • Anne Lauscher (University of Mannheim): Research
  • Ansong Ni (Carnegie Mellon University): Research
  • Arka Sadhu (University of Southern California): Research
  • Ben Zhou (University of Pennsylvania): Research
  • Charlotte Adams (Ada Academy): Engineering
  • Denis Emelin (The University of Edinburgh): Research
  • Dheeraj Rajagopal (Carnegie Mellon University): Research
  • Faeze Brahman (University of California, Santa Cruz): Research
  • Harmanpreet Kaur (University of Michigan): Research
  • Jason Portenoy (University of Washington): Research
  • Jay DeYoung (Northeastern University): Research
  • Jenny Liang (University of Washington): Engineering
  • Jialin Wu (University of Texas at Austin): Research
  • Kuo-Hao Zeng (University of Washington): Research
  • Liwei Jiang (University of Washington): Research
  • Marissa Radensky (University of Washington): Research
  • Mohit Yadav (University of Massachusetts Amherst): Research
  • Prithvijit Chattopadhyay (Georgia Institute of Technology): Research
  • Qi Zeng (University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign): Research
  • Rafal Kocielnik (University of Washington): Research
  • Sarah Wiegreffe (Georgia Institute of Technology): Research
  • Shih-Ting Lin (University of Texas at Austin): Research
  • Shivashankar Subramanian (University of Melbourne): Research
  • Tobias Rohde (University of Washington): Research
  • Unnat Jain (University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign): Research
  • Vishvak Murahari (Georgia Institute of Technology): Research
  • Yue Dong (McGill University): Research
Fall 2020
  • Alon Jacovi (Bar Illan University): Research
  • Jackson Stokes (University of Washington): Engineering
  • Nitish Gupta (University of Pennsylvania): Research
  • Sanchit Singh (University of Washington): Engineering


Internships are available for the following periods:

  • Winter (January through March)
  • Spring (April through June)
  • Summer (July through September)
  • Fall (October through December)
“Please join us to tackle an extraordinary set of scientific and engineering challenges. Let’s make history together.”
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