September 2021

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Four new teams bring new opportunities

This month, AI2 greatly expanded our potential impact with the addition of four new teams who are focused on an array of exciting applied environmental and conservation issues. These teams, formerly a part of Vulcan Inc., tackle projects aimed at supporting wildlife conservation efforts with real-time software solutions, stopping illegal fishing with effective maritime observation, building better more efficient climate modeling techniques, and bringing the promise of machine learning to bear on new challenges in biodiversity conservation and ocean health. 

Paper to HTML: making science accessible

This week, a team of researchers and engineers led by Lucy Lu Wang released a prototype of their tool that converts scientific PDFs into HTML, making them readable by screen readers and much more easily visible on mobile devices. After learning that fewer than 3% of scientific papers meet minimum criteria for accessibility, AI2 is pursuing new and better ways to make scientific publishing accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Help us generalize NLP

Researchers at AI2 are leading a community effort to create a large-scale collection of NLP tasks and their language instructions. The goal is to create a large benchmark that covers a wide range of reasoning abilities, pushing the field away from narrow, specific tasks and into the realm of truly general NLP. Help us build this benchmark, and maybe even be a co-author on the resulting publication!

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Varun Puri

AI2 Incubator Entrepreneur in Residence Varun Puri talks about his career path, his passion for leveraging AI and ML to help people become better communicators, and his new stealth startup adventure – want to join him?

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