October 2021

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AI2 launches a new AI resource hub

You are invited to be the first to check out pnw.ai, our new hub for all things artificial intelligence in the Pacific Northwest. The hub, currently in beta, features AI news, the most comprehensive list of AI jobs in the region, and that's just the beginning of what we have in store.

This special edition of the AI2 Newsletter highlights the hub's feature story on distinguished researcher, Yejin Choi. If you'd like to keep this kind of content coming in your inbox, subscribe to the new pnw.ai weekly newsletter to stay up to date with what's happening in the most vibrant region of the country for AI research and so much more.
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Yejin Choi: Cracking the Code of Common Sense

portrait of Yejin Choi

The concept of teaching computers sound judgment based on simple perceptions has been the black box of AI since the discipline’s inception. Distinguished researcher Yejin Choi—recipient of two Test of Time Awards this year—has never believed it was impossible.

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portrait of Dan Weld

New Leadership for Semantic Scholar

We're pleased to announce that Daniel Weld has been promoted to General Manager and Chief Scientist of the Semantic Scholar project. Dan is joined by Doug Downey as the new Research Manager for the team, and Alex Wade who is Director of Strategic Partnerships.

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photo of the three founders of Yoodli

Improve your public speaking with AI

New AI2 Incubator-backed startup Yoodli uses AI to help people improve their public speaking skills without the pressure of a live audience, analyzing your delivery and giving you tips for improvement. Check out their site to learn more and join and sign up for early access.

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