October 2022

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AI2 Director Yejin Choi awarded MacArthur Foundation 'Genius' Grant

Yejin Choi, AI2's Senior Director of Common Sense Intelligence, has been a MacArthur Fellowship in recognition of her groundbreaking work in computational linguistics. Yejin was one of 25 people honored with this year's 'genius' grant, and says that it is a very validating experience. “Being an immigrant, being a woman—I had to overcome a lot,” she said. “I had impostor syndrome.”

Accessibility and Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar researchers, engineers, and designers believe that scientific knowledge should be available to everyone. Recognizing an accessibility gap in semanticscholar.org, the team partnered with users and performed independent research to make significant improvements in the site's accessibility and discusses their ongoing work toward equitable access.

AI2's Interim CEO, Peter Clark

The Director of AI2's Aristo team, Peter Clark, stepped into the role of Interim CEO on October 1, 2022 to assist as AI2 seeks a new permanent CEO. "I’m honored to be able to continue AI2’s work reflecting this vision, and contribute to Paul’s legacy in this new role," he said.

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The “Why” of AI

In the third installment of our "Understanding AI" series, we dig into why an AI model produces the responses that it does — and why it matters.
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Meet Tango

This summer the AllenNLP team released AI2 Tango, a free tool that allows you to build machine learning experiments out of steps that can be reused and repeated. 

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