December 2022

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AI2 at EMNLP 2022

Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) is a leading conference in the area of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. AI2 is proud to have multiple researchers representing their work at this year's conference. Review our highlighted papers below, and be sure to find us at the conference.
Feeling overwhelmed by EMNLP 2022 proceedings? Looking for a faster way to skim papers? The Semantic Scholar team at AI2 is testing a new intelligent skimming system to surface the most important parts of a scientific paper. This beta feature is only available on desktop devices. Visit this page to get a list of all EMNLP papers available to skim on the Semantic Reader.

$7.2M GEF-funded project brings EarthRanger to more protected areas

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council has approved a US$7.2 million project to deploy EarthRanger to improve the management of 4.9 million hectares of terrestrial Protected Areas in three African countries. The investment will help enhance real-time prevention and response to escalating threats of poaching, human-wildlife conflicts and habitat loss. 

ProcTHOR wins Outstanding Paper Award at NeurIPS 2022

AI2's PRIOR team was recognized with a NeurIPS 2022 Outstanding Paper Award for their paper, ProcTHOR: Large-Scale Embodied AI Using Procedural Generation. The Outstanding Paper Award was bestowed on just 15 of the 10,411 papers submitted to this year's conference. ProcTHOR presents a platform to enable success stories in robotics and embodied AI in general by generating arbitrarily large datasets of diverse, interactive, and customizable houses to train agents for a variety of embodied AI tasks.
Congratulations to authors Matt Deitke, Eli VanderBilt, Alvaro Herrasti, Luca Weihs, Jordi Salvador, Kiana Ehsani, Winson Han, Eric Kolve, Ali Farhadi, Aniruddha Kembhavi, and Roozbeh Mottaghi!

How User Research Drives Impact at Semantic Scholar

User research is the foundation of product development at Semantic Scholar, and has helped the team gain a deep understanding of our scholars, how they interact with scientific literature, and their relationships within the community. Learn how the team uncovers scholars’ motivations, goals, pain points, and unmet needs, and uses their discoveries to inform product decisions and create meaningful experiences.

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Understanding Figurative Language with AI models

Figurative or metaphorical language can be difficult to understand—especially for an AI language model. Researchers at AI2 are exploring ML "mental models" for figurative language.
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Featured AI2er: Caçula Stoddard

Meet Caçula Stoddard, a Senior Facilities Coordinator at AI2. Caçula shares her career journey, her favorite activities in Seattle, and what she enjoys most about working at AI2.

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