February 2023

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Towards Teachable Reasoning Systems

Teachable reasoning systems can allow QA models to show their work, and allow researchers to more easily correct their outputs. That's why AI2's Aristo team is introducing TeachMe, a framework that could lead to better communication between models and users. With TeachMe, the team aimed to incorporate two attributes: understanding why the system chose an answer via Entailer, and correcting the system's behavior where appropriate by providing NL feedback.

Can You Teach a Computer Common Sense?

A profile picture of Yejin Choi, a woman with long brown hair wearing a leather jacket and black shirt standing in front of a whiteboard with equations on it.
"Common sense, in my view, is the dark matter of intelligence and language." AI2 senior director Yejin Choi was invited to speak with Emily Kwong on NPR's Short Wave about her career, artificial intelligence, and the future.

AI2 on The Data Scientist Show

A screenshot from YouTube of Daliana Liu speaking with Sergey Feldman virtually. Daliana is sitting at a desk in front of a microphone, and Sergey is sitting in a chair.
"The dreams are bigger — it's harder to stay a skeptic." Sergey Feldman, lead applied research scientist for Semantic Scholar, was a guest on Daliana Liu's podcast The Data Scientist Show to talk about machine learning for search, AI for mental health, and more.
A photo of Kiana Ehsani, a woman with long wavy pink hair wearing a blue jacket standing in a mountainous landscape.

Featured AI2er: Kiana Ehsani

Research scientist Kiana Ehsani is pushing the boundaries of indoor robotics on the PRIOR team. Learn about her career journey, her current work, and favorite Seattle past times on the AI2 Blog.

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An illustration of the interface authors can use to update their pronouns on Semantic Scholar.

Pronouns in Semantic Scholar

In Semantic Scholar, you can now set your pronouns once you've claimed your author page! We're proud to include this feature to allow authors to represent themselves how they choose.

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