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AI2 NEWSLETTER | 2019 Year in Review

Our Top Ten Milestones of 2019

Check out some of our favorite research milestones, new ideas, demos, tools, and more, presented chronologically in this special review issue of the AI2 Newsletter.

Cartoon robot drawing below the words 'Iconary'

1 - Iconary

In February our computer vision research team PRIOR  launched Iconaryshowcasing the world’s first AI system capable of playing a Pictionary-style drawing and guessing game together with a human partner. 
More about Iconary in Science Magazine: Pictionary-playing computer connects to humans’ ‘deep thoughts’
Graph that increases slower with the progression of years

2 - Gender Parity in CS Research 100 Years Away

An analysis we released in June of over 3 million computer science papers reveals that women will not reach parity with men in the authorship of published CS research in this century if current trends hold. 
More about this surprising finding in The New York Times: The Gender Gap in Computer Science Research Won’t Close for 100 Years

3 - Grover Detects Fake News

In June, we took a big step toward addressing the threat of machine-generated disinformation with a fake news detector—and generator—called Grover. 
Try it for yourself, and read more about the motivation and context of this new research on the AI2 Blog.

4 - New Office in Tel Aviv

We opened a vibrant new Tel Aviv office, lead by distinguished NLP researcher Yoav Goldberg and including team members Jonathan BerantReut Tsarfaty , and Ron Yachini. This new office will focus on bringing people closer to information with advanced language-centered AI.
Learn more:
A group photo of a team

5 - Aristo aces 8th grade

In September we unveiled the latest version of Aristo, an AI system capable of scoring over 90% on an 8th-grade multiple-choice science exam.
Learn more about this important AI milestone in The New York Times: A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test
Supp AI Logo

6 - Supp.AI

Supp.AI is a free resource that searches our AI-curated corpus of millions of biomedical papers and identifies potential supplement/drug interactions noted in the scientific literature.
Learn more about this powerful tool from The Verge: Supp AI Uses Machine Learning to Identify Supplement Interactions
Futuristic photo

7 - Green AI

The ever-increasing computations required for deep learning research are costly, with a large carbon footprint. This year we propose d a new approach to measuring deep learning success, with the goal of making AI both greener and more inclusive.
More in The New York Times: At Tech’s Leading Edge, Worry About a Concentration of Power
Semantic Scholar Logo

8 - Semantic Scholar Covers All Scientific Domains

Semantic Scholar announced in October that we now include over 175 million academic papers from all scientific fields.
Learn more about this important milestone for our free, AI-powered research tool from the Seattle Times: Seattle AI lab’s free search engine aims to accelerate scientific breakthroughs
People on stage receiving an award

9 - AI2 Researchers Win Best Demo Paper Award

Several members of the AllenNLP team at AI2 won the Best Demo Paper Award at this year's EMNLP conference for their paper AllenNLP Interpret: A Framework for Explaining Predictions of NLP Models.
Oren and Jacob smiling with their hands in their pockets

10 - The AI2 Incubator

2019 was a big year for the AI2 Incubator – this exciting group of entrepreneurs and technologists is a key part of the incredible startup ecosystem coming together in Seattle.
Learn more in our opinion piece in GeekWire: Analysis: Seattle startup ecosystem poised for unprecedented acceleration of company creation

A person smiling wearing glasses wearing plaid

Featured AI2er: Nick Botner

Meet Nick Botner, AI2's Senior Product Designer and the man behind our brand new logo! Learn about how he found his way to graphic design, what went into our new logo, and his thoughts on the many wonderful local bird species in Seattle in our latest AI2 Blog post.
A picture of Bert and Ernie with Robot Emojis over their faces

Why are so many AI systems named after Muppets?

Learn about this interesting AI naming trend in this coverage from The Verge – a unique way researchers acknowledge the prior work that supports new advancements. It all started with AI2's own ELMo!
Thanks to all of our team members, collaborators, visitors, and supporters for a great year!
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