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In this edition: Best Paper Honourable Mention at ACL 2020, taming the tidal wave of COVID-19 research with AI-powered tools, the release of AllenNLP v1.0, and more.
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Best Paper Honourable Mention at ACL 2020

AI2 researchers Suchin Gururangan, Ana Marasović, Swabha Swayamdipta, Kyle Lo, Iz Beltagy, Doug Downey, and Noah A. Smith received an Honourable Mention in the Overall Best Paper category for their paper Don’t Stop Pretraining: Adapt Language Models to Domains and Tasks at this year's ACL Conference. Check out the paper to learn how multi-phase adaptive pretraining offers large gains in language model performance.
Illustration of scientists on a boat looking at a tidal wave of research papers. Art by Sara Gironi Carnevale via Science Magazine.

AI-backed tools fighting COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and the tidal wave of related research is growing by the day. AI2 is using our comprehensive CORD-19 resource to power a collection of AI-based tools for researchers to easily explore and mine insights from the latest science about the virus.
  • SciSight – Visually explore connections between concepts in CORD-19 and discover what groups are working on what research directions.
  • SciFact – Find out whether published scientific research supports or contradicts claims about COVID-19.
  • SPIKE-CORD – A powerful new sentence-level, context-aware, and linguistically informed extractive search system over CORD-19.
Learn more about these and various other tools the wider research community is building to help in this coverage from ScienceScientists are drowning in COVID-19 papers. Can new tools keep them afloat?
Allen NLP 1.0

AllenNLP v1.0 is here

AllenNLP is our free, open-source natural language processing platform that allows researchers to easily build state-of-the-art models by providing abstractions and APIs that relate to concepts familiar to researchers, as well as a suite of reference implementations. AllenNLP 1.0 unveils new models, better performance, and fresh resources for the community. Learn more: Announcing AllenNLP 1.0
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Scientific Productivity

How has the pandemic impacted scientific publishing? Maybe not how you'd expect – learn more in this timely analysis by AI2's Daniel Khashabi and Oren Etzioni.
Open Covid Pledge

Why we’re joining the Open COVID Pledge

Open and free access to patents, emerging and historical scientific research, and other intellectual property is a critical factor in accelerating the scientific breakthroughs required to fight COVID-19 – learn more.
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ALFRED Challenge at ECCV 2020

We're excited about the upcoming ALFRED challenge! ALFRED is a natural language benchmark for teaching an AI agent to perform interactive, visual tasks involving objects, tools, and appliances. Learn more at the ALFRED Challenge website. The deadline for participation is August 5th.
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2020 Allen AI Outstanding Engineer Scholarship

AI2 offers this scholarship to one outstanding engineering student each year as part of our ongoing efforts to encourage diversity and equity across AI disciplines and career levels – learn more about this year's recipient Jenny Liang.
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