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In this edition: Highlighted initiatives and award-winning research from AI2 in 2020! We had a banner year despite the difficult challenges we've all faced, and we would like to share some of our most notable accomplishments with you in this special issue.
2020 Highlights
AI for the Common Good
'Green AI' spelled out in plants

Leaders in Green AI

AI2's important efforts around Green AI were covered in The New York Times last year and in the December issue of CACM this year. Our mission is to highlight the true costs of training enormous models, and to encourage the community to focus on efficiency and accessibility in model development instead of chasing ever-smaller margins of performance with no meaningful research insight gained.
Semantic Scholar's logo

Semantic Scholar turns 5!

Launched in 2015, Semantic Scholar is AI2's free, AI-powered tool for navigating the scientific literature. Today we have millions of users searching over 194 million papers from all fields of science. The Semantic Scholar research team has published over 50 papers at leading conferences, pushing the boundaries of NLP.
COVID-19 Open Research Dataset CORD-19

Leveraging AI to fight COVID-19

At the White House’s request, Semantic Scholar released the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), a free resource of scholarly articles relevant to COVID-19. This resource now contains over 370,000 papers and has been viewed over 3 million times. CORD-19 is the basis of many new tools and insights including SciSight and Spike-CORD.
Research Recognition

Fellowships awarded to AI2 researchers

Three research leaders at AI2 were awarded fellowships in 2020 in recognition of their important contributions to the field. Left to right:
450 Papers (and growing)

Publishing powerhouse

AI2 has become a publishing powerhouse across multiple areas of AI, with over 450 papers affiliated with our institute (and over 50 at this year's EMNLP alone!) – our researcher scientists regularly publish papers in top venues and enjoy productive collaborations with notable universities. We celebrate and encourage this important connection with academia, recognizing the importance of nonprofit, foundational motivations for our AI research.
A group of people receiving the AAAI 2020 Distinguished Paper Award

Award-winning research

AI2 received special recognition for several of our publications in 2020:
Thank you to all of our team members, collaborators,
and supporters for a great year!
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