May 2022

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How well do you know AI?

Leaders from AI2 conducted a survey last year to assess how well average Americans understand the capabilities of AI today. This 20-question quiz was intended to test concrete AI knowledge rather than people's beliefs or perceptions of AI. 

Of the 1,547 US adults that took the quiz, only 16% of participants "passed" with a score over 60%. Learn more about why AI literacy is so important and take the quiz yourself in this featured article.
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AI2's multimodal model, MERLOT Reserve

Multimodal AI models are considered the "new generation" of AI applications because of their unique ability to be trained over images, text, and sound together. AI2's MERLOT Reserve is a step toward helping AI understand the world more like humans do, rather than being limited to just one mode of input. Read more about the promise of models like these in this coverage by VentureBeat, and try out MERLOT for yourself.

Semantic Scholar releases a new open-source academic field of study classifier

Semantic Scholar has announced the release of S2FOS, a field of study classifier for scientific papers. S2FOS operates on paper titles and abstracts across all domains, though it is currently limited to English-language papers. Learn more about the model architecture, training procedure, and additional details in the article below.

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Featured AI2er: Sam Stuesser

Senior UI/UX Designer Sam Stuesser is the dynamo behind AI2's recently updated social visuals, the website, and much more, and it's a pleasure to learn more about her and her career path in our latest Featured AI2er article.

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Rearrangement Challenge 2022

AI2's PRIOR team is hosting its THOR Rearrangement Challenge for 2022, and submissions are open! The goal is to build a model/agent that can successfully manipulate objects in a virtual room. Learn more and subscribe for updates.

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