AI2 Outstanding Interns

Each year, AI2 selects exceptional interns from our summer Internship Program to receive the AI2 Outstanding Intern of the Year Award. During their time at AI2, these interns went above and beyond as researchers and as colleagues. AI2 recognizes their outstanding contributions with an unrestricted gift of $10,000 directly to the student, as well as an invitation to return to AI2 for another internship.

AI2 Outstanding Interns of 2020

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    Sarah Wiegreffe

    Sarah Wiegreffe is a PhD student in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, where she is advised by Professor Mark Riedl. Before joining Georgia Tech, she received her B.S. in Data Science from the College of Charleston. Her research is on analyzing and developing interpretable deep learning models for NLP.

    Sean MacAvaney

    Sean MacAvaney is a computer science PhD candidate at Georgetown University and an ARCS Foundation Endowment Scholar. At Georgetown, he is a member of the IR Lab, and is co-advised by Nazli Goharian and Ophir Frieder. Prior to graduate school, Sean earned a B.S. in Software Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. His research primarily focuses on how deep learning models can be used effectively and efficiently in search engines.

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    Unnat Jain

    Unnat Jain is a PhD student at UIUC, working with Alexander Schwing and Svetlana Lazebnik. His research is focused on collaborative visual agents, which he started in 2018 as a PRIOR intern with Ani Kembhavi and Luca Weihs. Prior to starting his PhD, Unnat graduated with the Director’s Gold Medal from IIT Kanpur, India.

AI2 Outstanding Interns of 2019

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    Eric Wallace

    Eric Wallace is a PhD student at UC Berkeley, working with Professors Dan Klein and Dawn Song. Before coming to Berkeley, Eric completed his B.S. from the University of Maryland, advised by Jordan Boyd-Graber. His research interests are in Machine Learning and NLP, especially in providing a better understanding of how and why deep learning models work. Eric and his AI2 colleagues won the best demo award at EMNLP 2019.

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    Sarthak Jain

    Sarthak Jain is a PhD student in Khoury College of Computer Science at Northeastern University, advised by Professor Byron Wallace. Prior to joining Northeastern, Sarthak earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Delhi Technological University in 2017. His research is focused on analysing and developing interpretable deep learning models, particularly to parse biomedical literature and clinical texts.

AI2 Outstanding Interns of 2018

    Huiyu Wang's Profile Photo
    Huiyu Wang

    Huiyu Wang is a PhD student in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, advised by Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Alan Yuille. He received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles in 2017 and B.S. in Information Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2015. He also spent a wonderful summer at TuSimple. His research interests are computer vision and machine learning.

    Xuezhe (Max) Ma's Profile Photo
    Xuezhe (Max) Ma

    Xuezhe (Max) Ma is a PhD student in Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Professor Eduard Hovy. Before coming to CMU, he received his M.S. from the Center for Brain-like Computing and Machine Intelligence (BCMI), and his B.S. in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he was a member of ACM Class, now part of Zhiyuan College in SJTU. His research interests fall in several areas in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly in Computational Semantics, Syntactic and Semantic Parsing with Machine Learning Methods. Recently, he is strongly interested in Deep Neural Networks for Linguistic Structured Prediction.