The AllenNLP team was formed in 2017 to advance the field of NLP through top research and cutting-edge software. As a small team, researchers and engineers work closely together to publish impactful research and identify common investments that would benefit the field as a whole.

Meet the Team

  • Hanna Hajishirzi's Profile PhotoHanna HajishirziResearch
  • Noah Smith's Profile PhotoNoah SmithResearch
  • Personal photoShane AroraResearch & Engineering
  • Iz Beltagy's Profile PhotoIz BeltagyResearch
  • Akshita Bhagia's Profile PhotoAkshita BhagiaResearch & Engineering
  • Pradeep Dasigi's Profile PhotoPradeep DasigiResearch
  • personal photoJesse DodgeResearch
  • personal photoYanai ElazarYoung Investigator
  • "Mechanical Dirk" Groeneveld's Profile Photo"Mechanical Dirk" GroeneveldEngineering
  • Valentin Hofmann's Profile PhotoValentin HofmannYoung Investigator
  • personal photoAnanya Harsh JhaPredoctoral Young Investigator
  • personal photoPang Wei KohResearch
  • personal photoSachin KumarYoung Investigator
  • Personal photoNathan LambertResearch
  • personal photoXinxi LyuPredoctoral Young Investigator
  • personal photoIan MagnussonPredoctoral Young Investigator
  • personal photoLj MirandaPredoctoral Young Investigator
  • personal photoJacob MorrisonPredoctoral Young Investigator
  • Michael Schmitz's Profile PhotoMichael SchmitzEngineering
  • Dustin Schwenk's Profile PhotoDustin SchwenkResearch & Engineering
  • personal photoEmma StrubellResearch
  • Pete Walsh's Profile PhotoPete WalshEngineering
  • personal photoDavid WaddenResearch