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    • 1,076 textbook lessons, 26,260 questions, 6229 images

      The TextbookQuestionAnswering (TQA) dataset is drawn from middle school science curricula as described in Are You Smarter Than A Sixth Grader? Textbook Question Answering for Multimodal Machine Comprehension. It consists of 1,076 lessons from Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science textbooks downloaded from Each lesson has a set of multiple choice questions that address concepts taught in that lesson. TQA has a total of 26,260 questions including 12,567 that have an accompanying diagram.

    • 4,817 images

      AI2D is a dataset of illustrative diagrams for research on diagram understanding and associated question answering.

    • 9,850 videos

      This dataset guides our research into unstructured video activity recogntion and commonsense reasoning for daily human activities. These videos of daily indoors activities were collected through Amazon Mechanical Turk.