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  • S2AMP: A High-Coverage Dataset of Scholarly Mentorship Inferred from Publications

    A dataset to study mentorship relationships in academia and corporate research labsSemantic Scholar • 2022Mentorship is a critical component of academia, but is not as visible as publications, citations, grants, and awards. Despite the importance of studying the quality and impact of mentorship, there are few large representative mentorship datasets available. We…
  • NumGLUE

    NumGLUE: A Suite of Fundamental yet Challenging Mathematical Reasoning Tasks2022Given the ubiquitous nature of numbers in text, reasoning with numbers to perform simple calculations is an important skill of AI systems. While many datasets and models have been developed to this end, state-of-the-art AI systems are brittle; failing to…
  • Web10K Dataset

    38,176 queries and corresponding 1M+ images returned by Bing Image SearchPRIOR • 2022Web10K is a dataset sourced from web image search data with over 10K concepts. It consists of 38,176 queries and the corresponding 1M+ images returned by Bing Image Search. Web10K provides dense coverage of feasible adjective-noun and verb-noun combinations…
  • The Fermi Challenge

    A challenge dataset of Fermi (estimation) problems, currently beyond the capabilities of modern methods.Aristo • 2021A challenge dataset of Fermi (estimation) problems, currently beyond the capabilities of modern methods.
  • Qasper

    Question Answering on Research PapersAllenNLP, Semantic Scholar • 2021A dataset containing 1585 papers with 5049 information-seeking questions asked by regular readers of NLP papers, and answered by a separate set of NLP practitioners.
  • BeliefBank

    4998 facts and 12147 constraints to test a model's consistencyAristo • 2021Dataset of 4998 simple facts and 12147 constraints to test, and improve, a model's accuracy and consistency
  • EntailmentBank

    2k multi-step entailment trees, explaining the answers to ARC science questionsAristo • 20212k multi-step entailment trees, explaining the answers to ARC science questions
  • S2AND: Semantic Scholar's Author Disambiguation Algorithm & Evaluation Suite

    A dataset to train and evaluate models that do author disambiguation aka figuring out who wrote which paperSemantic Scholar • 2021A unified benchmark dataset for AND on scholarly papers, as well as an open-source reference model implementation. Our dataset harmonizes eight disparate AND datasets into a uniform format, with a single rich feature set drawn from the Semantic Scholar (S2…
  • ATOMIC 2020

    An atlas of everyday commonsense reasoning, organized through 1.33M textual descriptions of inferential knowledge.Mosaic • 2021We present ATOMIC 2020, a commonsense knowledge graph with 1.33M everyday inferential knowledge tuples about entities and events. ATOMIC 2020 represents a large-scale common sense repository of textual descriptions that encode both the social and the physical…
  • Rainbow: A Commonsense Reasoning Benchmark

    A commonsense reasoning benchmark spanning social and physical common senseMosaic • 2021Rainbow is a universal commonsense reasoning benchmark spanning both social and physical common sense. Rainbow brings together 6 existing commonsense reasoning tasks: aNLI, Cosmos QA, HellaSWAG, Physical IQa, Social IQa, and WinoGrande. Modelers are…