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  • Explanations for Science Questions

    1,363 gold explanation sentencesAristo • 2016This dataset contains gold explanation sentences supporting 363 science questions, relation annotation for a subset of those explanations, and a graphical annotation tool with annotation guidelines.
  • AI2 Diagram Dataset

    4,817 imagesPRIOR • 2016AI2D is a dataset of illustrative diagrams for research on diagram understanding and associated question answering.
  • Perturbed Version of AI2 Elementary School Science Questions (No Diagrams)

    1,080 questionsAristo • 2016These questions were created using the "AI2 Elementary School Science Questions (No Diagrams)" data set by changing all of the incorrect answer options of each question with some other related word. This dataset can be a good measure of robustness for QA systems when being testing on modified questions.
  • Foodchains

    774 food chain questions designed to imitate actual questions from the New York State Grade 4 Regents Exam.Aristo • 2016774 food chain questions designed to imitate actual questions from the New York State Grade 4 Regents Exam.
  • AI2 Charades Dataset

    9,850 videosPRIOR • 2016This dataset guides our research into unstructured video activity recognition and commonsense reasoning for daily human activities. These videos of daily indoors activities were collected through Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • AI2 TabMCQ: Multiple Choice Questions aligned with the Aristo Tablestore

    9092 crowd-sourced science questions and 68 tables of curated factsAristo • 2016This dataset contains a copy of the Aristo Tablestore (Nov. 2015 Snapshot), plus a large set of crowd-sourced multiple-choice questions covering the facts in the tables. Through the setup of the crowd-sourced annotation task, the package also contains implicit alignment information between questions and tables.
  • AI2 Tablestore (November 2015 Snapshot)

    68 tables of curated factsAristo • 2015This dataset contains a collection of curated facts in the form of tables used by the Aristo Question-Answering System, collected using a mixture of manual and semi-automated techniques.
  • AI2 Conversational Dialog Traces

    81 dialog traces and extractionsAristo • 2015This dataset contains files for the paper "Learning knowledge graphs for question answering through conversational dialog", presented at the 2015 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies (NAACL 2015), Denver, Colorado. May 31 - June 5, 2015.
  • MLNs for QA, Data: Markov Logic Networks for Natural Language Question Answering

    Evaluations for 108 real science exam questionsAristo • 2015This work explores the use of Markov Logic Networks (MLNs) for answering elementary-level natural language science questions. The dataset contains the MLNs generated from three different formulations along with a README describing the format.
  • AI2 Arithmetic Questions

    391 arithmetic questions2014These questions guide our research into Question Answering for arithmetic exams. Focus is on high school level questions.