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  • Constructing a Textual KB from a Biology TextBook

    Peter Clark, Phil Harrison, Niranjan Balasubramanian, and Oren EtzioniNAACL-HLT • AKBC Workshop2012 As part of our work on building a "knowledgeable textbook" about biology, we are developing a textual question-answering (QA) system that can answer certain classes of biology questions posed by users. In support of that, we are building a "textual KB" - an…
  • Finding Deceptive Opinion Spam by Any Stretch of the Imagination

    Myle Ott, Yejin Choi, Claire Cardie, J. HancockACL2011 Consumers increasingly rate, review and research products online (Jansen, 2010; Litvin et al., 2008). Consequently, websites containing consumer reviews are becoming targets of opinion spam. While recent work has focused primarily on manually identifiable…