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About Fuels Data

Fuels Data is designed for wildland management practitioners tasked with collecting surface fuels measurements in the field. It automatically performs calculations and table lookups.

Photos and data are linked together, which eliminates the need to diligently sequence reference photos to align with data. These features reduce the risk of mistakes in transcribing and reviewing collected data in the field. The collected data may also be uploaded to the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence to build and train fuel load estimation models.

Fuels App being used in the field.

What Fuels Data Does

The application addresses three major needs:

  • Eases the work of practitioners collecting data in the field
  • Provides tools to help summarize the data collected
  • Constructs a dataset suitable for training AI models tasked with assisting practitioners in the future

Popular Questions

Who we are and why are we doing this?

We are a team of machine learning researchers, engineers, and designers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) based in Seattle, WA. AI2 is a non-profit focused on using Artificial Intelligence to solve toughest problems and give it away for the common good. This project will enable any forester with a camera to report quick, accurate fuel loading estimates, allowing fire managers, fuel specialists, and researchers to make more accurate planning predictions. This is part of a longer-term vision to apply machine learning to support many aspects of wildland fire management.

What is photoloading and how can I learn more about it?

To learn more about photoloading and how the Fuels Data app has the potential to make this work easier, check out our blog posts.

What is a linking code?

It is a common identifier generated in the application.The identifier is automatically generated using the application and is a series of three words, it is shared with folks helping collect data, who will enter these three words on their device inside the Fuels Data app. That identifier will be associated with all data collected for that project and can be used to request that AI2 provide the aggregated data after users have uploaded from their devices.

How do I get my data out of the Fuels Data app?

You can request your data through the app by selecting the “Request Data Summary” button on the project details screen. We will need the link code in order to aggregate all the data associated with a project.

Does the Fuels Data app use AI?

We are in the process of collecting as much data as possible, after we have enough data we can start training our models.

How can I get updates about new features and releases?

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