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  • Break QDMR representation
    Try the QDMR CopyNet parser | AI2 Israel, Question Understanding

    Live demo of the QDMR CopyNet parser from the paper Break It Down: A Question Understanding Benchmark (TACL 2020). The parser receives a natural language question as input and returns its Question Decomposition Meaning Representation (QDMR). Each step in the decomposition constitutes a subquestion necessary to… more

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  • Crowd Sense: Helps us Better Define Common Sense
    Interactive common sense | AI2 Israel, AI Gamification

    CrowdSense is an interactive effort to better understand what types of questions people consider to be common sense.

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  • SPIKE demo image
    Powerful extractive search | AI2 Israel, DIY Information Extraction

    SPIKE is a powerful sentence-level, context-aware, and linguistically informed extractive search system. Try SPIKE over one of our provided datasets.

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