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  • Macaw
    A QA model that outperforms other popular language models while being an order of magnitude smaller | Aristo, Research Visualization

    Macaw is a high-performance question-answering (QA) model capable of outperforming other popular current language models, all while being an order of magnitude smaller. This demo allows you to explore Macaw's answers and compare them to those of the popular GPT-3 language model on a benchmark set of questions.

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  • ProofWriter OpenGraph image
    Generating Implications, Proofs, and Abductive Statements over Natural Language | Aristo

    Like RuleTaker, ProofWriter determines whether statements are True or False based on rules given in natural language - but also generates the proof of its answers.

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  • ModularQA
    Modular QA answers questions by breaking them down into a series of smaller, more specific ones. This produces answers in a human-like way that's more explainable than black-box systems. | Aristo

    ModularQA is a neuro-symbolic question-answering system that answers complex questions by asking a series of sub-questions to existing simpler QA systems or symbolic modules. It explains each of its reasoning steps in language, in terms of a simple question and its answer as produced by a simpler model or a math…

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  • UnQover demo logo
    Uncovering stereotypical biases via underspecified questions | Aristo

    This work focuses specifically on identifying biases in question answering (QA) models. If these models are blindly deployed in real-life settings, the biases within these models could cause real harm, which raises the question; how extensive are social stereotypes in question-answering models?

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  • UnifiedQA screenshot
    Crossing format boundaries with a single QA system | Aristo

    UnifiedQA is a single pre-trained QA model that performs surprisingly well across 17 QA datasets spanning 4 diverse formats. Fine-tuning UnifiedQA into specialized models results in a new state-of-the-art on 6 datasets, establishing this model as a strong starting point for building QA systems.

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  • RuleTaker demo logo
    Transformers as Soft Reasoners over Language | Aristo

    RuleTaker determines whether statements are True or False based on rules given in natural language.

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  • Aristo demo
    Science question answering with AI | Aristo

    Aristo is a multidisciplinary project that aims to develop systems that have a deeper understanding of the world and are capable of demonstrating that understanding through question answering and explanation.

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