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  • July 2020 Thumbnail

    July 2020

    Best Paper Honourable Mention at ACL 2020, taming the tidal wave of COVID-19 research with AI-powered tools, the release of AllenNLP v1.0, and more.

  • May 2020 Thumbnail

    May 2020

    Updates on the CORD-19 initiative, powerful extractive search and visualization tools, new NLP research, and more.

  • March 2020 | Special COVID-19 Research Edition Thumbnail

    March 2020 | Special COVID-19 Research Edition

    The new CORD-19 dataset from AI2, the associated research challenge, and how to stay on top of COVID-19 research with Semantic Scholar

  • February 2020 Thumbnail

    February 2020

    AAAI Outstanding Paper Award, Xnor.AI acquisition, and a new robot challenge

  • December 2019 | Year in Review Thumbnail

    December 2019 | Year in Review

    AI2's top ten milestones of 2019

  • November 2019 Thumbnail

    November 2019

    Defining Green AI, all of science in Semantic Scholar, Best Demo Paper Award at EMNLP 2019, and behind the scenes of the NLP Highlights podcast

  • September 2019 Thumbnail

    September 2019

    Our science exam AI breakthrough, a new tool to discover supplement-drug interactions, and the 2019 AllenNLP Summit

  • August 2019 Thumbnail

    August 2019

    Green AI, uncovering bias in clinical studies, and our new efforts in AI & Fairness

  • June 2019 Thumbnail

    June 2019

    Reaching gender parity in CS authorship, defending against neural fake news, and a new AI2 office in Tel Aviv

  • May 2019 | CVPR edition Thumbnail

    May 2019 | CVPR edition

    AI2 heads to CVPR in June!